Video: Assault Rifle - June 6, 2015

Daily posting, this video originally uploaded on November 6, 2014, showing the Assault Rifle weapon type.

Assault Rifles are weak rapid-fire ranged weapons, each shot doing damage at Attack x 0.2. However, what sets Assault Rifles apart from other weapons in Gachduine, is that the user gains buffs when standing next to allies.

The buff received varies depending on who the ally is. For example, standing next to Craig boosts the user's defense, standing next to Kyra boosts attack, standing next to Zippy boosts speed, standing next to Miranda slowly regenerates HP, and so on.

Your entire party could use Assault Rifles and stand in a clump together to gain buffs off of each other, but if you do this, be wary of enemies with strong area of effect attacks, such as enemies that use Rocket Launchers.

Assault Rifle Weapon Type: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phfukqnv7iI

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