Video: Rifle - June 1, 2015

Daily posting, this video originally uploaded on November 6, 2014, showing the Rifle weapon type.

Rifles act opposite to Shotguns, inflicting up to 3x damage at a distance and horrible damage up close. They have unlimited range and are great for defeating enemies outside of combat. They take great advantage of Stealth Damage Competencies due to their ability to effectively target and attack outside of combat, but are less useful in combat and attacking a Shield user from the front will always reduce Rifle damage to 0.1x.

In contrast to Shotguns once more, Rifles focus more on active abilities than passive. Rifle active abilities include using the Shotgun damage formula to attack melee enemies with a Rifle, a rechargeable knockback attack and an ability to make an enemy invisible to their allies (allowing you to pull an enemy without it alerting its allies).

Rifle Weapon Type: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cz7iEcViCrI

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