Sabine - May 29, 2015

Content focusing on Sabine, posted just today on Twitter:

Bio Card for Sabine (born with the last name of Rhodes, but altered to the last name of the custom main character from Skylight Freerange 1). Sabine follows her husband to Nova Scotia to rescue their former ally, Hayley White, from the Cult of the Symbiote.

Though Sabine was born with affluent parents, her mother and father were killed during the nation-wide firestorm known as the Northern Burning. Sabine had spent part of her life, homeless, as a stripper and under constant threat from her bosses during her time as a Severin Ghost.

Fortunately for Sabine, she managed to turn her life around. She married the Ghost Leader (the custom main character from Skylight Freerange 1) and moved to his hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where they lived a peaceful life prior to the events of Gachduine.

In battle, Sabine starts off with weak physical stats, though she starts with good defense. Her HP can be raised from below average to average levels, while her Attack can be naturally raised from terrible to a little above average. Her already solid defense can be boosted to the 80% maximum for physical and elemental attacks and her large number of Courage Competencies protect her further at low HP.

Sabine's healing isn't as powerful as Miranda's, but she has the widest heal area in Gachduine along with some solid power and number of usage boosts. At midgame to endgame, Sabine's Heal Competency can add another dimension to her team support, giving her Heal the ability to restore ammo alongside HP to herself and her allies.

In terms of offense, Sabine is best with the ability to stun in play. Like other stunning characters, Sabine has the Static Competency, which stuns an enemy when she is hit. Unlike most other stunning characters, Sabine has the Blunt Trauma Competency from her Sledgehammer skill tree, which triples Sledgehammer damage on a stunned opponent. Combined with high Attack and Sledgehammer Damage Competencies, as well as rare Sledgehammers to boost attack speed, Sabine can deal out huge damage while playing out her defensive and healing roles.

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