Arthur Danson - May 27, 2015

Content focusing on Arthur Danson, posted just today on Twitter:

Bio Card for Arthur Danson, a returning character from Skylight Freerange 1. Arthur is a former police officer on the run from federal authorities for crime he did not commit.

Though Arthur is in hiding, he and fellow Severin Ghost Robyn Somerset are trying to protect and find a cure for the Ghost Leader, who suffered an overdose of Illusion Symbiote during a skirmish years prior. When Arthur's enemy, Dominic Gladstone, is found to be working for the Cult of the Symbiote and ends up capturing, framing and killing others, Arthur has to decide between rescuing these friends or continuing in his search for a cure for the Ghost Leader.

Arthur is a defensive character, and not gains high HP and defense, but has powerful healing with multiple uses, though it is unfortunately single target only. Arthur's defense also extends to his Courage Competencies (which boosts the user's defense when their HP is at 25% or less). At midgame to endgame, Arthur can gain abilities that can give his Courage offensive boosts.

Though Arthur, like Noah, has rock bottom offense that cannot be naturally boosted, Arthur does have other ways of providing damage. He has anti-tanking abilities, the Infinity Competency for long battles Unarmed and most importantly, has incredible skill with sniper rifles. Arthur not only can reach 14x standard Rifle damage through customization, but he also has the ability to juggle between Rifle and Shield in combat to do triple damage on top of the 14x boost.

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