Dominic Gladstone - May 26, 2015

Content focusing on Dominic Gladstone, posted just today on Twitter:

Bio Card for Dominic Gladstone, returning from Skylight Freerange 1. Dominic is known for being a disloyal, sociopathic murderer and destroyer, and unfortunately for the Gachduine, is hired by the Cult of the Symbiote as an assassin.

When Dominic's contracts with the Cult of the Symbiote give him access to powerful evidence that could discredit the Cult of the Symbiote for conspiracy and murder, Dominic decides to give the Gachduine a chance to enlist his services and enact his plans to expose and take down the Cult of the Symbiote, though this would mean the Gachduine would recruit a monster to fight a monster.

In battle, Dominic relies on his heavy offense. Due to his sadistic personality, he can learn abilities that boost damage when his own allies are caught in an attack.

Most importantly, Dominic makes the best use of Adrenaline of all characters. Adrenaline boosts offense when low on HP, and Dominic not only has lots of Adrenaline for the boost, but at midgame to endgame, Dominic can gain the ability to use his Adrenaline for defense, too, which is something sorely needed with Dominic's average HP and the fact he takes double Physical damage, like Rory.

Dominic also has abilities to boost damage when alone, and his Extreme relies on Adrenaline and being at critical health. In other words, the more beat-up your team is (and in some cases, the more Dominic beats them up), the more powerful Dominic is, making him a high risk/high reward character.

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