Sean Finch - May 25, 2015

Content focusing on Sean Finch, posted just now on Twitter:

Bio Card for Sean Finch, another returning character from Skylight Freerange 1. On hearing one of his former allies was captured, Sean sets out with his girlfriend to rescue his comrade.

Sean has a love for gambling, and is a pro gambler himself. He also fashions himself as an adrenaline junkie and risk-taker, even as a child. He does, however, have a massive inferiority complex, and will freak out easily when he feels panicked, something the party members in the past have taken note of, and so will his new allies in the Gachduine.

Sean has a heavy focus on fire and evasion. His fire damage is not only incredibly high (moreso than Lucia's, by a bit), but he also has great skill with immolation, allowing him to damage an area with fire. On top of this, he is the only character (aside from custom mains) to learn Null Immolation, allowing him to inflict wide-area fire damage without issue.

Sean has the best evasion in Gachduine, as well. While his base Evade rate may not be the overall highest, his Gamble Range Competencies boost it to the maximum of 95%. However, his evasion skill does not end there. Sean has Defense Gamble, which gives him a one in three chance of reflecting damage from enemies back onto them, giving him further evasion. His Evade Stun stuns an enemy on successful evasion, and Sean can gain access to more evasion-oriented abilities at midgame to endgame.

However, Sean relies very heavily on evasion, as his HP starts at 50 and cannot be boosted naturally, making his survival somewhat more luck-based.

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