Alex Kobayashi - May 21, 2015

Content focusing on Alex Kobayashi, posted just today on Twitter:

Bio Card for Alex Kobayashi, a returning character from Skylight Freerange 1. Alex spends his days preventing a group known as the Liches from spreading destruction across Manitoba.

Alex had sent his children to Vancouver with some friends of his from his former shadow group, the Severin Ghosts, while he remained behind to fight the Liches, as Alex was aware that one of his actions was the trigger for the Liches' greater rise to power.

Alex has a deep hatred for the Exorcist, who he believes used the Ghosts for his own purposes before abandoning them when his plans didn't work out. Alex also sees it that while his own actions were the trigger to the Liches' rise to power in Manitoba, it was the Exorcist's actions that were the catalyst to the terror.

Alex has two main strengths: One is his slow-but-powerful attacking, which is done through his incredible utilization of his Defend Bar. Alex is a bit on the slow side for acting speed, so a sustained Dual Chainsaw with a full Defend Bar can keep Alex hitting hard while still using his Defend Bar to the utmost.

Alex also has great skill with exploding barrels, not only having high damage output, but also the ability to use Barrel Chain, which increases the damage of each consecutive Barrel in a single triggered explosion. Alex's Thrive In The Chaos also protects him (but does not make him immune) from his own Barrel damage, to a substantial degree.

Both slow-but-powerful attacks and exploding barrels can be combined, by setting up a massive trap and detonating with a full Defend Bar, making for a powerful wide-area attack, especially against bosses (though it is useless if it wipes out your team, as well).

By endgame, Alex is also very competent as a last man standing, especially at low HP. This is not due only to his high HP, attack and defense, but his solo and critical HP abilities, as well as some endgame abilities.

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