Craig Waller - May 1, 2015

First round of new content focusing on the character Craig Waller, just posted on Twitter today:

Bio Card for Craig Waller, a security guard whose livelihood was affected when the Cult of the Symbiote shut down his company.

Craig had a love for pop culture and gaming since childhood, and given enough progress to be made in-game and taking the time to be his friend, Craig may start up an guild for an online game.

In dungeons and combat, Craig has the highest HP of all characters and has solid defense, though his offense is only about average. He can do some improve his damage through powerful-but-slow attacks (by waiting for his Defend Bar to fill) and through a variety of knockback abilities he has to deal additional damage if the target collides into another character or a wall.

Below, Craig is using Kinetic Shock, a knockback ability that does high damage and knocks back all enemies around Craig. The enemies are hovering in the picture due to being hit by a Hover Staff.

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