Lucia Kay - May 18, 2015

Content focusing on Lucia Kay, posted just today on Twitter:

Bio Card for Lucia Kay, a young woman who had to harden herself over the years after her sister's death while living in a rough area. She may possibly be wanted by the Cult, as she killed the Cult member who brutally killed her sister, before Lucia had to flee Halifax.

Lucia's life is about to get a lot harder, after the Cult of the Symbiote crafts a Spectre in the image of her sister, Tabitha. Spectres are Symbiote Monsters that are created in a state that has almost no corporeal form, until a person's DNA is added to them, allowing the Spectre to permanently take their form. With a Tabitha Spectre in the Cult's hands, Lucia may be a suspect within the Gachduine as a Cult insider.

Lucia's angry and vitriolic personality also reflects into her dialogue. While "firewood" is hardly an edgy insult (even when threatening with a flamethrower), there were very few opportunities for screenshots if her dialogue that wasn't vulgar, blasphemous or innuendous, and I do try to keep most of the screenshots for the game somewhat clean, even if the game itself is less so.

Lucia has plenty of ways to deal massive damage to her opponents. She is one of the best Fire users in Gachduine and her knockback abilities are unmatched. Lucia not only has anti-tank capabilities to bypass enemy defense and high HP, but her status ailments are among the best in Gachduine, namely poison, blind and defense down. At endgame when combined with certain rare weapons, especially, Lucia becomes a source for pure destruction and disabling, unmatched in these offensive arts.

Unfortunately for Lucia, she is a double-edged sword. While her offensive options are among the best in the game, her defensive options are among the worst. She is naturally stuck at 50 max HP and has no defense or evasion boosts to protect her, nor does she have any long range specializations, unlike other glass cannons or glass snipers in past Dragoon games, making her even more difficult to keep alive.

With only actively blinding an enemy or enemies as her form of "defense", Lucia relies heavily on other to provoke the enemies or cover her. So long as this is done and she is kept out of harm's way from area of effect attacks, Lucia could lay waste to countless enemies, big or small.

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