Erica Blue - May 16, 2015

Content focusing on Erica Blue, posted just today on Twitter:

Bio Card for Erica Blue, the daughter of superstar Catherine Blue (who was an NPC in the first Skylight game).

Erica gains more attention than most other young women, due to her status as a minor celebrity in Canadian film and her mother's superstar status. Notice Zippy's photobomb in the background.

Erica is the best Golem summoner in Gachduine. Outside of giant attack bonuses and being able to summon many golems on her own, she can also remove their Fire weakness, keeping them in play in situations normally dangerous for Golems, such as fighting Sanguines or enemies wielding Flamethrowers.

Erica is also the best user of the Vital Shot ability. On its own, it damages an enemy and drains HP to Erica. When the appropriate skills are learned, Erica can boost damage and healing, boost attack and make Vital Shot's healing and attack boosting benefits affect the entire party. Though she has few abilities for doing so (the ammo dependent Heavy Shot and the one-use Kinetic Shock), Erica has very powerful knockback, tied for the highest number of Knockback Amplify abilities with Lucia.

Uploaded just today for Screenshot Saturday, this screenshot called "Bright spot in the dark" shows a social situation with a developing relationship.

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