Noah Gallant - May 13, 2015

Content focusing on Noah Gallant, posted just tonight on Twitter:

Bio Card for Noah Gallant, the owner of a company called Greentech, a company that creates Skylight Symbiote derivatives for the military and government since the recent legalization of Skylight Symbiote.

Noah is not just the owner of a company; he is also one of the founders of the Gachduine, alongside the custom main character. The Gachduine is able to keep hidden in the Greentech building, and they receive funding through being considered Greentech's consulting field team for Symbiotic testing.

Noah specializes mainly in Drones, and can create one used for attacking, healing and refilling ammo. Noah also has the strongest Heal ability in the game, but can only target one ally and cannot gain any additional uses beyond the initial 3.

Noah plays a strong role in defense, healing and support, but may be the overall weakest character for offense, as his Attack starts at rock bottom and cannot be boosted naturally, nor does he have many offensive Competencies, weapon damage boosts or weapon specializations.

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