Miranda Ireland - May 10, 2015

Content focusing on Miranda Ireland, posted just today on Twitter:

Bio Card for Miranda Ireland, a tour accountant who is trying to balance her family life with her role in the Gachduine. Miranda's primary motivation in working with the Gachduine is her children. It is Mother's Day today, but it is just a coincidence that Miranda's setup and scenes were finished on Mother's Day.

The Cult of the Symbiote draws Miranda's ire for two reasons: one, she wants to divorce her husband, but his lawyer friends in the Cult of the Symbiote would take her kids away from her if she did. Two, Miranda hates how the Cult of the Symbiote is altering all educational material for young children across all subjects to fit their own ideology in. She not only worries about future generations being drawn into the Cult's goals and causes, but her own children, as well.

Miranda may have devoted herself to the Gachduine and their mission to take down the Cult of the Symbiote, but there may be times where she will have to decide whether or not the Gachduine's goals and responsibilities interfere with the safety and well-being of her children.

Miranda is one of the best healers in Gachduine. Her Heal Competency gains not only in power, but in area of effect and number of uses. She is also skilled at avoiding detection through high stealth values and an active ability for invisibility.

Miranda also has a number of other ways to provide support, either through passive buffs, positional buffs, summoning Drones and healing through Symbiote Clouds (where she can also provide attack and defense buffs at midgame to endgame).

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