The Sentinels - August 18, 2015

Daily posting, on the topic of the Sentinels.

The Sentinels are a military police group that took inspiration from and formed after the federal liquidation of the private law enforcement agency GTAL (the agency the main characters of Skylight 1 and 2 were a part of, including playable Gachduine character Melissa Mills, who was the agency's chief) in Vancouver in 2038.

As GTAL, even prior to it gaining chapters federally, had gone out and solved national crises with small, specialized teams, and that Canada needed more of the same after GTAL's closure. In fact, many of the Sentinels recruited were former GTAL members.

Unlike GTAL, which kept a lot of its methods, missions and information to itself, the Sentinels (believing this lack of transparency to be the reason GTAL closed) do what they can to openly follow procedure and protocol, and to be as honest as possible with Canadian citizens.

In Gachduine, the Sentinels have some men in Nova Scotia, namely Barrington and a small outpost north of Halifax, where they are watching the Cult of the Symbiote and the other factions fighting each other very carefully, so that they can step in and defend innocents when needed.

At present, this is all that will be added to this thread about factions. Though there are more, they tend to be specific to story path or may fall more in line as story spoilers. The next posts in this thread will be about beginner tips, for characters and weapon types.

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