The Crimsons and Golds - August 17, 2015

Daily posting, on the topic of the Crimsons and Golds.

The Crimsons and Golds are two street gangs that formed across Cape Breton Island in 2047 after the Cult cut off Cape Breton from the rest of Nova Scotia, both physically (destroyed all subway lines connecting to Cape Breton) and economically (business, charities and other entities that have business with Cape Breton citizens will be cut off from the Cult).

By this point, the Cult of the Symbiote already had a strong foothold in Nova Scotia and controlled many media outlets, so despite the fact that the Cult implemented the segregation, the Cult blamed Cape Breton for the provincial division and the many Cult followers believed it.

This "Cape Breton Shutdown" raised a lot of tensions across the island, with many differing views on how Cape Breton should react. Many believed that they should march onto Halifax and show the world the truth about the Cult, by force if necessary; these people became the Golds. Many others believed that if the Cult didn't want Cape Breton, Cape Breton should go independent and not bring more negative actions from the Cult to them; these people became the Crimsons. They began wearing their corresponding colours to show unity among themselves and separation from the other.

The Golds, in a viewpoint comprised heavily of irony, believed that the only way to fight the Cult and its mindless followers was to have all of Cape Breton accept the Golds' views without question, so that Cape Breton can take down the Cult with the Golds at the helm. The Crimsons, strongly against antagonizing the Cult in the slightest to keep them off of the backs of Cape Breton citizens, are seen by the Golds as their first and biggest obstacle to Cape Breton unity.

The Cult media, when it covers Crimsons and Golds, will show this off as Cape Breton devolving into island-wide street fights between rival gangs, and this ends up working in favour of the Cult, as it makes them seem peaceful and the better choice in comparison, especially when they had already spun the narrative that it was Cape Breton that cut themselves off from Nova Scotia out of hating the Cult and not the other way around.

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