The Ceannduine - August 16, 2015

Daily posting, on the topic of the Ceannduine.

The Ceannduine are an extremist group formed in October 2047, that opposes the Cult of the Symbiote's heavy regulations on Skylight Symbiote and their iron grip on Nova Scotia. They react to the Cult's hold through open attacks and berserker all-out methods, compared to the Gachduine's attempt to stop the Cult through staying hidden and discrediting their character.

The Ceannduine are similar to the NDC of past Skylight games, as not only do they both use open berserker assaults on their targets, they use the same Symbiote Monsters: Indestructibles and Lifeless. Unlike the NDC, who fought only for themselves but claimed to do so for the greater good, the Ceannduine truly believe in unregulated, completely free use of Skylight Symbiote and its derivatives and that they are not only fighting to free control of Skylight Symbiote from the Cult, but to free Nova Scotia from the Cult's propaganda and brainwashing.

As the Cult of the Symbiote only supports those who follow its message and codes to the letter, Indestructibles (Humans-turned-Symbiote Monsters that do retain their personalities, despite a shift to a monstrous humanoid appearance) are excluded and ignored by the Cult. The Ceannduine take in Indestructibles and treat them as equals compared to how many other groups in the past used them as muscle or used sympathy towards them as political tools.

This, however, does not excuse the Ceannduine's overly blatant disregard for human life, Skylight Symbiote usage or the Lifeless they create (Symbiote Monsters created to be living bombs). In some instances, the Gachduine may have to protect the Cult from the Ceannduine to save the lives of innocents.

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