Screenshot: An arsenal to be feared - August 15, 2015

A screenshot that just went up for Screenshot Saturday, titled "An arsenal to be feared".

It's another screenshot from the superdungeon, showing a number of rare weapons equipped while fighting a Phantom Plus: the custom main character is dual wielding Buster Excalibur Chainsaws (which are rare Chainsaws suited to evade/minor counter abilities), Zippy is dual wielding Viper Cudgels (a new rare Sledgehammer with a focus on slow-but-powerful attacks), Sabine has a Royal Sceptre (a rare Hover Staff that triples the amount Hover Staff attacks launch an enemy into the air) and Rory is using Power Drive with a Scythe (another rare Hover Staff that amplifies the Hover Staff's aerial height damage modifier, but cannot boost the enemy's height outside of the initial launch) to inflict massive damage on the Phantom Plus.

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