The Gachduine - August 13, 2015

Daily posting, on the topic of the Gachduine (faction).

The Gachduine is basically your team, your party. The group was formed in August 2045 by three people:

-Your custom main character

-Greentech CEO Noah Gallant

-A previously unmentioned NPC, Brian Kell

After the Cult of the Symbiote tried to brings its message from Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick through excessive force, Brian Kell had fled to Nova Scotia after suffering a permanent injury to his face and was still reeling from the deaths of his parents and younger brothers at the hands of the Cult.

During his time in Nova Scotia, Brian had met both your custom main character and Greentech CEO Noah Gallant. Noah, having had his own company, Greentech, threatened by the Cult for now bending the knee, sympathized with Brian, and he, Brian and your custom main character formed the Gachduine, a group dedicated to stopping the Cult of the Symbiote and slowing their expansion into Nova Scotia. They kept the group secret, recruiting only those they had completely checked out and were sure of their intentions. If the Cult of the Symbiote were aware of the Gachduine and their attempts to discredit them, their fates would more than likely be sealed.

As time went on, the Gachduine recruited more members into their fold, the more prominent ones being:

-Former Sentinel Rory Morrison who ended up discovering and tracking down the Gachduine in January 2046 (and whose intel and tracking impressed the Gachduine's founders to the point Rory became the group's intelligence officer and mission specialist)

-Martial artist-in-hiding Lucia Kay in April 2046 (recruited by Rory after seeing her take down a well-known Cult member who was accosting her)

-Kyra Santiago in August 2046 (also recruited by Rory after she was caught vandalising a Cult building Rory was on a mission to infiltrate, as she was furious at the Cult for forcing her parents to disown her brother)

In 2047, the Gachduine discovered Cult plans to expand into Newfoundland. Knowing they had to do what they could to prevent Cult expansion, your custom main character and Brian Kell were among those who travelled to Newfoundland to stop the Cult. During their time in Newfoundland, two more prominent members were added to the Gachduine:

-Exhausted housewife Miranda Ireland in May 2047 (recruited by Lucia Kay, after watching her explode into an angry rant in the middle of a coffee shop about the Cult and their move into kids' education, as her general stress reached boiling point)

-Security guard Craig Waller in July 2047 (recruited by Rory Morrison on seeing Craig's anti-Cult online campaigns, something he started after the Cult shut down the company he worked at)

In August 2047, Brian Kell returned early from Newfoundland, alone, with a plan to take out many prominent Cult members by bombing a convention centre. The other members of the Gachduine did not go along with this, as their methods are to stay hidden from the Cult and to not attack any Cult innocents. Rory Morrison fought off Brian, and though Brian got away, his plan was prevented and he was considered removed from the Gachduine.

With Brian gone, your custom main character became the official leader of the Gachduine (Noah had no interests in being leader, despite being a founder), and on the custom main's return from dismantling the Cult's presence in Newfoundland in June 2048, the Gachduine embarked on a mission to stop a new faction, the Ceannduine, from attacking a Cult university known as the Bastion of Knowledge, and is where Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine begins.

During the Ceannduine's attack on the Bastion of Knowledge and the Cult of the Symbiote's attempt to snuff out the terrorists, your custom main character protects two characters from the ensuing crossfires and recruits them into the Gachduine during this introduction/tutorial quest:

-Aldorf Zipmore III ("Zippy"), a normally happy-go-lucky university student who had never paid attention to any of the goings-on with the Cult of the Symbiote until the Cult gunned down his friends during the Bastion of Knowledge attack for standing in the way of their Ceannduine targets. Seeing how vile the Cult really was, he joined the Gachduine to prevent more incidents like the Bastion of Knowledge from happening to others.

-Erica Blue, daughter of Canadian superstar Catherine Blue, who joined the Gachduine after being saved by your custom main character during the Bastion of Knowledge attack. Having seen how the entertainment industry has been blindly promoting the Cult of the Symbiote and having experienced the terror of the attack on her university, Erica joined with the Gachduine.

From this point, the introduction/tutorial quest ends and the nine members of the Gachduine continue their mission to discredit the Cult and prevent any catastrophes planned by them or anyone who hates the Cult and cares little for collateral.

However, at this point, the Gachduine become the "last straw" and how the conflict in Nova Scotia will be resolved is based not just on a major choice made by the Gachduine, but also by how the past was resolved.

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