Juggling - August 11, 2015

Daily posting, on the topic of juggling.

Weapon juggling is a bit more of an intermediate/advanced mechanic in Gachduine, compared to most of the other mechanics mentioned earlier in this thread. At its most basic, juggling activates a specific Competency by switching from one weapon to another.

There are juggle abilities to boost movement (Rifle to Shield and Battering Ram to Shield), abilities to boost damage and ignore defense (Shield to Rifle), use the Battering Ram solo (Shield to Battering Ram), refill rocket ammo (Rocket Launcher to Sledgehammer(s)) and make rockets stronger at close range and not damage allies (Sledgehammer(s) to Rocket Launcher).

While switching from one weapon to another is simple enough, the more intermediate/advanced end focuses on the specific rules for when weapons can be swapped to activate. The following are examples of when the Battering Ram solo juggle ability can be activated:

1. Begin fight with Battering Ram -> CANNOT ACTIVATE

2. Begin fight with Shield, on next turn switch to Battering Ram -> ACTIVATE

3. Attack with Shield, on next turn switch to Battering Ram -> ACTIVATE

4. Use Heal with Shield equipped, on next turn switch to Battering Ram -> ACTIVATE

5. Attack with Battering Ram, on next turn switch to Shield and then immediately back to Battering Ram -> CANNOT ACTIVATE

To sum up, simply switching weapons will not trigger the juggle. The character must have the first weapon (Shield, in this instance) equipped BEFORE their Speed Counter fills up. The game registers what "juggle" weapon they have equipped the moment their Speed Counter hits the full point, so whether or not the Shield was equipped before the fight starts or was equipped for use of an action, it is considered the "juggle" weapon and swapping to the Battering Ram will activate the Juggle Competency.

Though it could get a bit tricky, the abilities can be worth it: boosted Rifle damage, no second ally requirement to use the Battering Ram and always full-ammo melee-range Rocket Launchers that don't damage your allies. The one downside is that you will need to specialize (at least a little bit) in more than one weapon and both weapons will take up space in your inventory, which can get crowded when Biomachines roll around.

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