Symbiote Clouds - August 9, 2015

Daily posting, on the topic of Symbiote Clouds.

Symbiote Clouds can be placed by a character who has the Competency of the same name. A sizeable chunk of the cast begins with this ability, including Miranda, Noah, Erica, Sean, Hayley, Sabine, Mia and the Exorcist.

When placed, a green fog covers a set area, and this fog can be immolated if a character or enemy's target is within the cloud and the damage done is Fire elemental or the Secret Burning Competency is used (as Skylight Symbiote is flammable). This can be very powerful if the user has access to multiple Immolation Boost Competencies.

Another general use is to use the Summon Golem Competency to create Golems as additional temporary summoned allies. Outside of custom main characters, Noah, Erica, Hayley and Sabine are capable of summoning Golems.

Other Symbiote Cloud related abilities include Symbiote Cloud Usage (for uses of Symbiote Cloud above the default of 3 per dungeon), Symbiote Cloud Area (boosts the area of the Symbiote Cloud), Healing Cloud (every 5 seconds, all allies within the Cloud are healed equal to the user's Attack when in combat), Poison Cloud (every 5 seconds, all enemies in combat within the Cloud are damaged equal to the user's Attack x 4), For The Tech (Drones within a Symbiote Cloud are doubled in effectiveness; Assault Drones deal double damage, Defense Drones have double healing, Ammo Drones have double refill) and Null Immolation (where the user takes 0 damage from any immolation, generally Symbiote Clouds).

At midgame-to-endgame. Miranda can gain the Fog of War Competency. This powerful ability triples the attack power of allies within a Cloud, cuts 75% of all damage dealt to them and triples the power of Healing Cloud, setting up a very nice area to fortify your party from. Though this is powerful, beware of enemies with Flamethrowers or other sources of Fire damage that can immolate the Cloud. For that matter, watch out for your own team to ensure they don't use any Fire attacks!

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