Aldorf Zipmore III ("Zippy") - May 8, 2015

Content focusing on Aldorf Zipmore III (yes, that is his name), also known as Zippy to his friends, posted just today on Twitter:

Bio Card for Zippy, a university student who joined the Gachduine after watching his friends get gunned down by the Cult of the Symbiote for being in the way of Cult dissidents.

Though Zippy is generally easy-going and carefree, his time with the Gachduine starts him on the path to becoming more down-to-earth and realistic in his views. With possible incidents throughout the Gachduine's missions involving love, betrayal and death, Zippy may have a lot to reflect on and the opportunity to grow as time passes.

While Zippy isn't overly powerful in terms of offense or defense, he has a lot of speed to use to his advantage (namely action speed, but also movement, stealth and some evasion). His skill with combat knives gives him solid damage output, but generally only if the enemy's back is vulnerable or especially if the enemy is hit when Zippy is still unseen.

By midgame to endgame, Zippy can gain incredible power with confusion, allowing him to effectively deal with groups of enemies by having them all go after one another, though this ability has no effect on single foes, requiring Zippy to have alternate methods for combat, especially when fighting a single boss.

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