Introduction - May 1, 2015

Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine is a 3D open-world RPG that takes place in Nova Scotia in 2048, as a large group known as the Cult of the Symbiote tries to forcefully overtake the province under the guise of trying to protect the Maritimes against biotech-related disasters. The player controls the Gachduine, a resistance group unknown to the public, whose goal is to discredit the Cult and prevent them from establishing strong roots in the province.

I will try to update daily, if possible, with either something new, a screenshot or video that had been posted to Twitter within the last half year, or at least an update on progress.

Presently, Gachduine is scheduled for release in Q3 2015, likely August, if I can keep up my current pace of work.


Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine is an open-world RPG, where the player can choose when to do main quests, side quests, world map dungeons, exploring and social interactions with their team members.

Major choices allow the player to alter the storyline considerably, starting from the New Game screen. Players can import a save file from the first Skylight Freerange, or if they do not have a save file, can choose the setting's "past" from 1 of 5 choices, marking the game's first major choice. A second major choice appears midway through the main quest to alter the storyline further.

There are 10 main quest paths total, with 6 final quests/final battles/ending scenarios. While some paths lead to the same or similar ending, the choice combinations have completely different final available party members and quests available only to certain paths.

City side quests all end with a choice, and while the consequences may be small or non-existent, on completion of all city side quests, your team's actions are added up and you are given one of 3 ultimate side quests, some of which may alter part of the world map permanently.

None of the 91 total main and side quests are fetch quests or kill/collect X of Y; I've never had much love for filler quests or filler content or the requirement of grinding for hours to advance. [EDIT: JUNE 19, 2015, ORIGINAL NUMBER OF QUEST WAS 79]

Social interactions allow your custom main character to form friendships and relationships with the other members of the Gachduine. In some cases, there are group activities, such as guys/girls night out, forming a guild for an online game, Vegas trips, and more to come.

Across the 10 paths, there are 20 playable characters total. Not all characters are available to join based on choices made, but there are a large number of customization options for characters, with most characters having 20 skill trees (your custom main character has 49 skill trees). Though it depends on the character, abilities can be learned regarding summoning, traps, stealth, knockback, offense, defense and more.

There are 20 different weapon types available to all characters (though different characters have different weapon specializations) that alter the way the Attack button functions and the character's playstyle. Shotguns deal big damage up close and poor damage at a distance, Rifles deal large damage far away and pitiful up close. Unarmed attacks have a "combo modifier" that boosts Unarmed damage with each attack, exploding Barrels for traps, two-person Battering Rams, Shields to cover allies and reduce damage, and many more.

For those who want to push their team to their limits, a superdungeon and superarena become available once your team reaches a high enough experience level.

Also, when the demo is released, the save files from the demo will be transferrable to the full version of Gachduine.

Short character info and motivations:

-Craig worked for a security company, which was forcibly shut down when the company refused to side with the Cult.

-Rory, having experienced terrible fighting during his time as a soldier, hates to see the Cult's violent takeover methods covered up by the media that favours them.

-Kyra's parents were given an ultimatum: disown their anti-Cult son or their family will have the Cult turn against them.

-Zippy watched his friends get gunned down for being in the way of Cult dissidents.

-Miranda has to deal with her husband's pro-Cult friends making life miserable for her, as well as watching the Cult force its views into her kids' education.

-Noah's company is openly boycotted by the Cult, after refusing to support them.

-Erica's mother is a pro-Cult celebrity who ignores their malevolent actions and tries to use Erica as another Cult symbol and voice.

-Lucia was forced to flee her home after the Cult killed her sister.

What's finished:

-All 91 quests [EDIT: JUNE 19, 2015, ORIGINAL NUMBER OF QUEST WAS 79]

-All world map/city dungeons

-All 20 characters

-All 20 weapon types (and rare versions of the weapons)

-All abilities

-Save importing

What's left:

-Social situations (about 10% done as of this post)

-Filling out the rest of the world map and cities



EDIT: June 19, 2015 -> Number of quests across all 10 paths total increased from 79 to 91

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