Skylight Freerange 1's Saskatchewan expansion has also added a number of decorations (mainly posters) to appear across cities and buildings, not just in Saskatchewan, but Manitoba, as well. Some examples of them include:

Premier Stanley Tanner is considered a controversial figure, due to his support of the NDC, among other things. Despite his outwardly friendly personality, his disposition outside of the public eye is rather less dignified. Stanley Tanner's role goes into a little more depth during the Saskatchewan expansion, as well.

WhoAteMyFaceCon is a year-round convention started up by Stanley Tanner, albeit an expensive investment of taxpayer money. The five characters shown in the poster have appeared across the entirety of the Skylight series, as well.

The Indie Engineers are a minor faction (not actually joinable, as the poster says) that first appeared in Skylight 2: Winters of Discontent, and though there are competent indie engineers, formerly and currently (such as Ashley Tellerman in Skylight 2: Winters of Discontent, Hayley White in Skylight Freerange 1 and Noah Gallant in Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine), there are many, such as in the example of the above poster, that consider indie engineering to be the act of creation, even if it means that the results of the project have no function.

Often trying to stand out through growing neckbeards as a symbol, wearing bright clothing and/or acting out unnecessarily, loudly and brazenly for attention, indie engineers are considered outsiders by many. They manage to make a few appearances in a couple of the newly added social scenes in Skylight Freerange 1.

Despite how tragic and widespread the Northern Burning was, the Northern Burning movie (not watchable, just a theme for a poster) was created to exploit the disaster, and even inaccurately call it a "legend" and a "myth", which angers many citizens (but does the job of drawing more attention to it).