Another new enemy type added to the Saskatchewan expansion as part of another new faction.

The Betrayers introduce a mechanic unique to Skylight Freerange 1's Saskatchewan expansion: in dungeons, the Betrayers start off invisible and if they spot your party before they are detected, they begin combat with a full Speed Counter bar, making them a deadly ambush opponent, especially since Betrayers always have Combat Knives equipped for backstabs.

Betrayers can be detected, having their invisibility removed, by getting close enough to them without them seeing you (this is what counts as detecting them for trophy purposes, not them taking splash damage from rockets or traps). This can prove to be difficult without stealth or noise-making capabilities, though, as you will have to approach them from behind while they are invisible, and if these are not present, it may require luck or knowledge of their routes/guard points to detect them otherwise.

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