Characters - Knight

Class - Defier

Has exceptional skill at fighting in the air against airborne opponents

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Knight can move 25% faster than most characters and also can jump 3 times before touching the ground (or if running off a ledge, can jump twice)

Knight's Jump Scythe attacks deal increased damage to any jumping opponent the higher they are off the ground and Knight's access to triple jumps lend him a lot of versatility in the air.

Knight's Power Drive is a powerful (though slow) attack that can only be used in the air. Power Drive catches the opponent (rendering them unable to strike back) and slams them to the ground, dealing damage the higher up the opponent is when initially caught in Power Drive. Knight's Monster Bubble traps the opponent in a bubble that lifts them higher up in the air for 5 seconds. During this time, the opponent can still attack, but are unable to move, leaving them at the mercy of Knight's Jump Scythes and Power Drive.

Knight's basic Scythe attacks deal high base damage (18 per hit) and his Metastrike Extreme is a short-range, but extremely fast and powerful attack that launches the opponent up in the air before Knight slams them down to the ground like Power Drive. Knight is invincible during Metastrike's animation, and the height the enemy is launched to randomly chosen.

Developer's Take:

Knight is the consummate aerial character in Dragooned, dealing more damage from the air against opponents in the air. If an opponent is grounded, Knight can use Monster Bubble to force an enemy into the air to deal plenty of attacks boosted by his current height.

Knight might have an advantage against both flying monsters and high HP single targets, but he struggles more against larger groups of grounded enemies, as his Metastrike Extreme grabs only one target, his Power Drive can only be used from the air, and his Monster Bubble has a long cooldown and it can be difficult to grab the target you want to raise up when a crowd gathers.

Even still, though this makes it sound like Knight has a downhill battle against Endless Dungeon key squads and Onslaught battles, his triple jump and above average move speed can allow him to keep above grounded melee monsters and to leap over projectile swarms easily enough.


Of all of the Skylight series' weapons, 19 out of 20 of them are represented, save for the Hover Staff. Knight's Scythe fulfills the Hover Staff's position, as it functions similarly to Gachduine (more aerial damage the higher up an enemy is in the air) and his Scythe was also one of the rare Hover Staves in Gachduine.