Characters - Cherry

Class - Sky Corps

Combines defensive abilities with prowess in the air

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Many of Cherry's abilities either consist of invincibility frames (Line Overdrive and Hyper Blade), help provide invincibility frames (Stand Ground turns all successful blocks into Perfect Blocks) or can cancel out of Daikatana and Line Overdrive (both of which have high ending lag) to transition from offense to defense (Stand Ground).

Line Overdrive is an invincible aerial attack that can be re-used upon touching the ground. When the attack ends, while Cherry is airborne, all of her Jump Slashes (angled neutral, up or down) deal an additional 3 damage per hit, provide an additional 3 Extreme per hit and Cherry's fall speed is reduced, allowing her to stay in the air for a longer period of time to make use of her enhanced aerial attacks.

Developer's Take:

Cherry is all about invincibility frames triggered often. Her Line Overdrive has invincibility frames and no cooldown (aside from needing to touch the ground again to re-use), her Hyper Blade Extreme has invincibility frames and hits a sizeable area, and Stand Ground not only gives a lot of leeway for achieving Perfect Blocks, but can be used to build up Extreme for Hyper Blade quickly and easily if swarmed by a lot of enemies and by rapidly blocking.

Cherry is also great at handling flying monsters, due to Line Overdrive's fast upward movement and invincibility, which can be followed up with enhanced aerial attacks and fall speed to help build up Extreme. Cherry's offensive strength is average at best, so the more times Hyper Blade can be brought into play, the better.


In The Demon Rush, Cherry's Line Overdrive was an explosion attack. In Dragooned, it has changed a lot and is in the form of a rising slash.