Modes - Challenges

Early Challenges act similar to character-specific "tutorials", in that the Challenge is often suited to a particular skillset tailored to the character undertaking the Challenge.

However, later Challenges allow the player to choose a character (or 3 characters in some instances) and apply their knowledge and experience to much greater challenges.

Developer's Take:

Challenges take the kid gloves off for Challenges 44 and up, where the opponents are either characters or characters with monsters, and the themes (multiple enemies with multiple hits, stun, speed, hitscan shots, area control) make for a higher level of difficulty. Challenge 50 ("The Most Evil Battle Ever") is the only unlockable scenario in Dragooned, and requires the 49 Challenges before it to be cleared before this high-difficulty Challenge can be accessed.


The first 40 Challenges are character-specific, and each is named after dialogue spoken by the character, except for the Impossible, who does not talk, and instead has his Challenge named after dialogue spoken to him.

"The Most Evil Battle Ever" is named after the hardest Challenge from The Demon Rush, and was also used as the name of the hardest Theus' Castle map in Skylight 2: Winters of Discontent.

"The Most Evil Battle Ever" has its own music that, like each of the Skylight games' superdungeons, is based around The Demon Rush's Previous Capitol music.