Characters - Hans Hansagashi

Class - Extreme Evolver

Has a very powerful Extreme, but is very weak without it

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In Dark Rebirth mode, Hans can move 80% faster than most characters and he takes 75% less damage

Without his Extreme, Hans is incredibly weak. His attacks (Poke, Orb of Insight, Mozzarella Sticks) have good speed, but are incredibly weak, inflicting only 1 damage and gaining 3 Extreme, though Poke provides 7 Extreme.

When Hans builds up enough Extreme to trigger his Dark Rebirth Extreme, he becomes a force to be reckoned with. He moves incredibly fast, his defense against all attacks becomes incredibly high, and his attacks all become very damaging (Punches deals 22 damage, Orbs of Gloom deal 13 damage over a large area and Angst Shout deals 17 damage over a large area) and his Extreme lasts 20 seconds over the standard 10. When his Dark Rebirth Extreme ends, Hans reverts to his standard form and all Orbs of Gloom explode over a larger area for 25 damage each.

Hans' Orbs of Insight are very weak and pulse out for 1 damage every 3 seconds. Though this is not a particularly strong form of area control, it is an important step for Dark Rebirth, and Hans should place as many as he can before he fills up his Extreme.

When Dark Rebirth is triggered and the Orbs of Insight become Orbs of Gloom, Hans cannot place any additional Orbs of Gloom and they do not pulse on their own like the Orbs of Insight did. Triggering Orb of Gloom instead causes all current Orbs of Gloom to pulse for large area and damage, with their final explosion at Dark Rebirth's end having even greater damage and area of effect.

While Poke is his fastest way to gain Extreme, Hans is not equipped to trade blows with his opponent in his standard mode, and is often better off throwing Mozzarella Sticks at a distance, as they have no cooldown and good trigger speed.

When Dark Rebirth is triggered, Mozzarella Sticks are replaced by Angst Shout. Though Hans cannot fire off multiple shouts, Angst Shout is very strong, very fast and covers a massive area. Pressing the triangle button a second time while Angst Shout is out will cause the shout to halt position and explode to an even larger area, which works very well in covering large areas alongside the Orbs of Gloom.

Hans can be extremely difficult to play, as he not only needs to survive in his standard mode, but he also needs to stay in this mode long enough to set up Orbs of Insight for his Dark Rebirth mode. In a way, playing Hans is like having to learn to play two characters, but the incredible destructive power of Dark Rebirth can be worth it.

Developer's Take:

Hans' Dark Rebirth is a force to be reckoned with, especially if time was taken to set up 4 Orbs of Insight/Orbs of Gloom ahead of time. Sometimes, though, especially when a battle is coming down to the wire, it is better to trigger Dark Rebirth before 4 Orbs are placed, either to try and use Hans' increased power, defense, area of effect and speed to try and overpower his opponent or to survive long enough in Onslaught to get a medical kit to appear (with his boosted defense and dodge range able to get him through projectile swarms safely).