Characters - Space God Traven

Class - Voidwalker

Controls the Void to teleport and boost damage and defense

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Space God Traven can use Void Shift (his air dodge) by pressing the R button and the left button or right button while in midair

Space God Traven's Voidwalk ability can be triggered at any time that he is within 5 body widths or so of an opponent, which will cause him to warp directly to the opponent's position, with the opponent closest to him being prioritized. However, if Space God Traven calls Voidwalk at around the maximum distance he can warp, for one second, he will gain his Voidwalk Boost, which boosts his damage output by 50% and triple his Extreme gain from his attacks.

At its base, Space God Traven's Void Absorb ability will cut all damage received while active in half. If his Voidwalk Boost is active, he will reduce all damage received with Void Absorb by 87.5%. Having the ability to dodge in the air using Void Shift also helps aid in Space God Traven's defensive capabilities.

Space God Traven's Mastery of the Void Extreme causes his punches to inflict hitscan knockback in the direction he is punching in, allowing him to repeatedly knockback opponents at a great distance. Though it can be used at a distance, Mastery of the Void also triples the damage of his punches, and the knockback can help allow Space God Traven to reposition himself to trigger Voidwalk Boost.

Space God Traven relies on exact positioning and timing to call Voidwalk in order to trigger his Voidwalk Boost, so that he can boost his Extreme gains, deal more damage and amplify his defense with Void Absorb even further. Without proper timing with Voidwalk, Space God Traven could be considered a fairly average melee attacker. With Voidwalk Boost, Void Absorb and Mastery of the Void all active at once, Space God Traven's punches will deal 54 damage, plus a 6 damage hitscan that inflicts knockback, plus collision against a wall or into a pit, and Space God Traven himself takes 1/8 damage, making him a force to be reckoned with when Voidwalk is used properly.

Developer's Take:

Before Mastery of the Void is active, Space God Traven is a close range brawler with average damage output and strong defensive options. When Mastery of the Void does become active, he has both high melee damage and a powerful hitscan projectile all in one attack. As getting Mastery of the Void as quickly as possible is a priority for Space God Traven, learning to use his Void Absorb and air dodge to reduce and avoid damage and get at optimal range for Voidwalk is necessary for effectively playing as him.

When fighting Space God Traven, he can be tricky when it comes to predicting his positioning, as his dodge, air dodge and Voidwalk all look the same prior to him turning invisible.


Space God Traven is the only playable character in Dragooned to come from expansion content and not from a game's original content.