Characters - Polydegmon

Class - Illusionist

Deprives enemies of their senses and has a powerful summon

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Polydegmon's Enether ability allows his Shotgun attacks to inflict Blind on an opponent for a span of 8 seconds. Given the fairly wide range and good damage of the Shotgun, Polydegmon can effectively disable an opponent and keep laying on solid damage at point blank range. When combined with his Czmrlzbj Extreme, Polydegmon can cause an opponent to take consistent damage while not seeing a way to escape Czmrlzbj's large size and fast damage output.

Polydegmon's summon, Czmrlzbj, is only available as his Extreme, but it is potentially the best summon around. Czmrlzbj is completely invincible for the 10 seconds it is in play, and has a very large horizontal size and hitbox that deals 3 damage every half second to any enemy that is in front of it. Its large size and invincibility make it great for blocking non-piercing projectiles, and Polydegmon's ability to inflict Blind on an opponent can make it hard to escape Czmrlzbj's incredibly large size.

Polydegmon can quickly build up a lot of Extreme with his Shotgun when Enether is active, as each of the 8 Shotgun shots will gain 2 Extreme. Polydegmon's CompTech Battery ability will also provide 12 Extreme for Polydegmon, and though it requires 12 hits to use again, this includes all shots from one Shotgun attack, allowing Polydegmon to quickly build Extreme to call Czmrlzbj over and over.

Developer's Take:

Polydegmon's goal should be to summon Czmrlzbj as fast as possible, which is simple enough, as he gains Extreme very easily and very quickly. His Shotgun deals good damage and Enether's Blind and double Extreme gains make Polydegmon a menace up close, with Czmrlzbj taking care of most projectiles. However, since all Polydemon has aside from his Shotgun is Enether (a Shotgun buff) and CompTech Battery (needs hits to recharge), Polydegmon is only able to fight and be effective at point-blank range if he does not have Czmrlzbj in play.


Polydegmon's abilities (Enether, CompTech Battery, Czmrlzbj) were all chosen to represent 3 of the 4 different story paths in Skylight Freerange in a way that was significant to Polydegmon.