Characters - Alessus

Class - Symbiotic Sorcerer

Covers the field with biotech to attack freely and instantly

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Alessus requires Symbiote to be placed on the field in order to attack. To do so, the Symbiosis ability needs to be used to place Symbiote that stays in play for 15 seconds total. When it is out, Symbiote Spike will be Alessus' main attack, which when triggered will call spikes from the ground under each Symbiote for 6 damage and 8 Extreme per hit. Symbiote Bomb will turn all Symbiote on the field into 8 projectiles that deal 3 damage and gain 5 Extreme each, but will remove all Symbiote owned by Alessus from the field.

Alessus' Battle of the True Extreme will power up his area control, tripling the damage output of both Symbiote Spikes and Symbiote Bombs, but also causing any enemies who pass through his Symbiote to suffer rapid damage at a rate of 1 damage at 5 hits per second.

Alessus is never considered to be acting when using Symbiote Spike, Symbiote Bomb or Battle of the True, leaving him free to block and dodge as the enemy tries to attack him through his Symbiote covered areas. In fact, Alessus can call Symbiote Spike, Symbiote Bomb and Battle of the True while blocking, dodging, stunned or knocked back, making him able to defend himself and fight back simultaneously. The one exception is his Symbiosis ability, which can only be used on the ground and has a low speed, and is the one point he is truly vulnerable.

Alessus can be difficult, as he is the only character without any true standard attacks and requires time to set up Symbiote using Symbiosis. Even then, with a cooldown of 4 seconds for Symbiosis and 15 seconds of life for each clump of Symbiote, trying to find time to place Symbiote without suffering damage and learning when to wipe out all Symbiote for Symbiote Bombs can be tricky.

Developer's Take:

Alessus' area control is very useful against melee attacking enemies who will need to pass through his Symbiosis to get to him, as Alessus can attack and defend/evade simultaneously. However, against projectile oriented characters, he has a harder time, as they have no reason to chase him down. Perfect Blocking before placing Symbiosis plugs up the holes in Alessus' defense, and finding the opportune time to turn his Symbiosis into Symbiote Bombs takes practice.


Though his Symbiosis was liquid in Skylight 2: Winters of Discontent, they were made clouds in Dragooned to make them easier to see and to make it so Battle of the True would hit a larger area and not just grounded enemies.

Alessus' class name of Symbiotic Sorcerer is a reference to his battle music in Skylight 2: Winters of Discontent, "Sorcery". Similarly, his Battle of the True Extreme was named after another music associated with him in Skylight 2: Winters of Discontent.