Characters - Impossible

Class - Gigas

Combines high HP, high power and projectiles to overpower

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Impossible's base HP starts at 200, rather than the standard 100. Impossible is also twice as large as other characters, making his hitbox twice as large

Impossible's defensive capabilities consist of his 200 base HP and his Power Growth Extreme, which not only provides him with 10 seconds of Perfect Block style invincibility, but he can continue receiving Extreme while Power Growth is active, allowing him to extend his invincibility by another 10 seconds, adding onto the remaining time of the previous Power Growth if still active.

Impossible's attacks are all considered projectiles (Cannon, Acid Shot, even the stationary Plague Blast), giving him the ability to fight at a distance and up close (as angled jump cannonballs can be effective up close). Impossible also has no cooldown on any of his abilities, making him able to keep projectiles constantly in play.

If Impossible is firing a projectile while ducking, any standard sized character can duck to avoid it, meaning Impossible will have to go for jumping angled shots to try and hit his opponent. His Plague Blast requires a full 4 seconds to be most effective, as well, and at no charge, it is rather weak and ineffective, though while charging, Impossible can adjust his position and float and at full charge, it inflicts Knockback, allowing Impossible to initiate a long-range assault.

Developer's Take:

Impossible makes for a difficult to kill character, with his high HP, Extreme that grants invincibility and his heavy projectile focus. His Cannon is his go-to weapon, but his Acid Shot (and Plague Blast against multiple monsters) is better for building Extreme, and keeping frequent invincibility up makes Impossible that much harder to defeat.


Impossible's appearance and abilities (including his Power Growth Extreme) are taken from the Skylight 1 version of him, rather than the optional boss in Skylight Freerange, as they are two different entities.

Impossible's class name of "Gigas" was given to him as a reference to the in-battle name of the first Indestructible encountered in Skylight 1 (before the party learned they were called Indestructibles).