Characters - Thormia

Class - Warlord

Calls a squadron of soldiers to aid him in battle

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Thormia has the Morale trait, which means that if he suffers damage, all of his Force Fighters will be Stunned

Thormia's Force Fighters ability summons a squad of 4 Force Fighters that each establish a guard point relative to Thormia's position on both sides of him. They will stay very close to Thormia to guard him, and will jump as he does, as well. When an enemy nears their individual guard point, the Force Fighter will move towards the enemy and attack at average speed for 5 damage and gain Thormia 8 Extreme. Though this seems a bit low, 4 Force Fighters at once can deal massive damage and fill up Thormia's Extreme for him very quickly.

Force Fighters can be a bit fragile at times, having only 50 HP, are required to be in melee range to attack and will be stunned if Thormia suffers any damage (due to Thormia's Morale trait). They will also not move or attack if Thormia is not present if Thormia is swapped out in Endless Dungeon, due to their loyalty being only to Thormia. If Blinded, they will not move or attack. Keep in mind, too, that re-summoning a Force Fighter squadron has a cooldown of 30 seconds, and Thormia is not overly powerful on his own.

Thormia's standard attack is his Flare projectile, which deals 8 damage and gains him 5 Extreme. It has good speed and is useful alongside a Force Fighter squadron. Thormia's Phenomenon Flare Extreme is a powerful entire map attack that deals 6 damage every 2 seconds for 20 seconds, and is quite easy to trigger if his Force Fighters get some good hits in.

As Thormia being hit causes his Force Fighters to be Stunned, Thormia will need to protect himself more often than he should go on the offensive. His Legend Shield ability provides him with 2 seconds of Perfect Block style invincibility.

Developer's Take:

As his Force Fighters will be Stunned whenever Thormia suffers damage, Thormia should spend more time defending himself and letting his Force Fighters get the hits in. Where possible and when Thormia will unlikely be hit back, use Flare to build up Extreme and support the Force Fighters. Between a Force Fighter squadron and Phenomenon Flare doing damage to foes, Thormia is a Summoner better off focusing on blocking and dodging as a priority.