Characters - Lucia

Class - Assassin

Combines powerful knockback and debuffs to attack and defense

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With the exception of Melt, all of Lucia's attacks inflict Knockback. Though her Kick and Stomp provides more damage and less Extreme than her Punch attacks, all of Lucia's standard attacks have a fairly low attack speed, though they have fairly low ending lag. Lucia's Kinetic Shock unleashes an attack with wide horizontal range around herself that deals 15 damage, gains 11 Extreme and inflicts Knockback, not only making it a good way to clear out enemies surrounding her, but can gain a lot of Extreme from hitting multiple enemies, though it also comes out slow.

Lucia's Burn To The Soul Extreme also vastly improves her Knockback, causing the enemy to be launched twice as far and for collision with walls to do double damage.

Whether it be slamming enemies into walls or launching them down pits, a single attack from Lucia will be able to inflict high damage to an opponent (or outright destroy them if they are a summon or monster falling into a pit). Though Lucia will have to chase down the opponent to their new location, it is best if Lucia stays aggressive, as knocked back enemies cannot fight back. With Burn To The Soul active and an enemy suffering from Burn To The Soul Melt, knockback collision will deal 40 base damage and pits will deal 40 base damage, as well, to enemies.

Lucia's Melt is a wide-area projectile that drops enemy attack to 66% and causes them to receive 50% more damage for 3 seconds. If Burn To The Soul is active when Melt is triggered against an enemy, they will deal half damage and receive double damage for 6 seconds.

Developer's Take:

Like Erica, Lucia has a strong focus on Knockback, making her very useful for taking out monsters in Endless Dungeon. Though Erica has better range, Lucia can deal more damage through Knockback than her with Melt and Burn To The Soul, as well as use Kinetic Shock to inflict Knockback to multiple enemies swarming Lucia. Lucia is at her best when she has an enemy cornered to inflict more frequent Knockback. If the player is not careful with what direction Lucia is launching an enemy, they might have to spend their time having the melee-oriented Lucia chase her target all over creation, severely decreasing her effectiveness.