Characters - Erica

Class - Golemancer

Summons a high-defense Golem to aid in close combat

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Erica's Golem is a large and resilient summon, having 100 HP and taking half damage from all attacks. It cannot move, however (it is immune even to knockback, Knight's Monster Bubble and Knight's Metastrike), and with a 30 second cooldown, its position and facing is important to consider. However, it will continuously attack any enemy in its range at a decent speed for 20 damage and gain Erica 14 Extreme. Golems also have immunity to Blind, but cannot detect a stealthed character.

If Erica's Calling of Earth Extreme is active, the Golem will deal 80 damage per hit, providing Erica great damage and protection as she fights up close with Devastate Rocket (though it is a large area projectile, Devastate Rocket deals low damage, but inflicts more at point blank range).

Similar to Devastate Rocket, Erica's Handcannon Pistol is more effective at close range despite being a projectile, as when it is, it adds a Knockback effect to her attack. Given Erica's close range bonuses with Devastate Rocket and her strength when fighting beside her Golem, this may come across as a counter-intuitive ability, but it can be useful for trying to launch the enemy back towards her Golem.

Developer's Take:

Placement of Erica's Golem is key to her playstyle, as it takes 30 seconds to summon a new one at a new position and a bad placement can make for a tough fight for Erica. Though her attacks are long range, she works better up close, moving around her Golem for protection.

Even without her Golem, Erica is very useful in Endless Dungeon, as her Handcannon Pistol inflicts Knockback up close, launching many monsters into pits and to their doom.