Characters - Noah

Class - Mechanic

Covers the battlefield with ice to stun and steel to damage

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Noah's entire playstyle revolves around area control. His Glacier places a large and weak stunning ice ball that stays on the field for 4 seconds. While it deals 1 damage only, it gains Noah 7 Extreme, and its Stun property allows Noah to use Collapse to drop Girders down on the enemy, which deal 20 damage and gains him 14 Extreme.

Noah can build Extreme very quickly, allowing him more frequent access to his Construction Magic Extreme, which doubles Girder damage and removes the cooldown, allowing Noah very fast, very wide and very powerful area control, which is absolutely devastating if the field is already covered with Glacier blasts.

Noah's Glacier blasts all inflict Stun, and given the area and longevity of the Glacier blasts, the enemy will have a hard time avoiding Stun.

Doing a jumping downward Glacier blast will trigger Glacier Jet, which launches Noah very high in the air, though he is unable to use it again until he touches the ground. Though it can be a useful evasion tactic, it also allows Noah to place Girders higher up on the battlefield, allowing him to layer the heights of Girders so that when Collapse is triggered, an enemy dodging one falling Girder may inadvertently reposition themselves under another falling Girder.

Developer's Take:

Noah has low damage output without his Construction Magic Extreme, and in general, should spend his time placing Glacier balls all over the battlefield, as these Glacier balls are not only large and inflict Stun, but are also good at building up Extreme quickly. When Noah gains access to Construction Magic, he can make use of a strategy similar to Erin's Omniscience and place many Girders and Collapse them all very quickly for a lot of damage over a large area.


Like Cook, Noah's playstyle is quite different from his original game (defensive summoner). Though still Stun and defensive focused, rather than focusing on negating damage, Noah in Dragooned focuses more on preventing being hit in the first place by making the battlefield hard to traverse for his opponent. To avoid being a Drone summoner clone of Hayley, and in keeping with his Mechanic class, Girders were brought in as an element of his playstyle.

Construction Magic was not an ability of past Dragoon games, but is a reference applied to Noah from a social scene from Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine.