Characters - Miranda

Class - Fog Fighter

Uses clouds to fortify areas for healing

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Miranda uses her Healing Cloud to establish an area where she will not just be able to heal, but with the Fog of War Extreme, deal triple damage with her Stunsaw and Calamity C4 (going up to 3 damage per hit at 15 hits/second and 45 damage respectively). Her Calamity C4 also covers a large area and can be triggered instantly.

Miranda's Stunsaw stuns on the very first hit only of its rapid-fire, but this first hit also adds 7 Extreme compared to 1 Extreme for subsequent hits. When combined with Fog of War, being caught in Miranda's Stunsaw is deadly, and Miranda can also use the time from Stun to heal from Healing Cloud or reposition herself to avoid attacks when Stun ends.

Miranda's Healing Cloud heals Miranda (and only Miranda) for 3 HP every 2 seconds (9 HP when Fog of War is active). When combined with frequent Stun and Calamity stealth, Miranda can often stall for time enough to heal a lot of her health.

Detonating Miranda's Calamity C4 makes her invisible for 2 seconds, giving her time to get into position to Stunsaw or heal from her Healing Cloud. Given that Calamity C4's cooldown lasts only 8 seconds, Miranda can turn invisible quite often.

Developer's Take:

Miranda can hold down an area defensively quite well with her Healing Clouds, and between her Stunsaw and Calamity C4, Miranda is very strong at stalling for time. Deciding when to start and stop her Stunsaw is important, as it is only the initial hit in the rapid-fire that provides Stun and more Extreme. In particular, building Extreme is a priority for Miranda, as without her Fog of War Extreme, Miranda's offensive power and healing are low and she will need it to come ahead in a battle.


Similar to Sabine, Miranda's class name does not match the one in her original game ("Healer"). Though healing is a big part of her playstyle, her reliance on her Healing Cloud, especially during Fog of War, gave her the class of "Fog Fighter" in Dragooned (and somewhat as a vague reference to Mistaken Point in Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine's Avalon expansion).

Though Miranda did not specialize in Chainsaws in Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine, she was given a Chainsaw to represent the Stunsaw strategy from both Skylight Freerange games. Out of the characters from those games who could learn Stun + 100%, Sabine had her Blunt Trauma build and Noah had focus on the Glacier in Dragooned, leaving Miranda to represent the Stunsaw.