Characters - Kyra

Class - Bruiser

Deals very high damage when not hit

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Kyra can move 50% faster than most characters

Kyra's punches do solid damage on their own (21 for her combo), however, when Brute Force is active, each successful attack adds 10 damage and 5 Extreme, giving Kyra giant damage output. When her Chariot Crash Extreme is active, each successful attack with Brute Force active add 30 damage instead of 10, causing her punch combo to deal 111 damage. However, Brute Force wears off when Kyra suffers any damage from anything, and her cooldown for Brute Force does not begin until it is inactive.

Kyra has a very high movement speed, making it easy to close the distance to unleash melee attacks. Kyra's High Velocity attack cause her to launch forward in a charging attack, and her Chariot Crash Extreme removes the cooldown on High Velocity. With Brute Force active alongside Chariot Crash, Kyra can unleash High Velocity multiple times at over 40 damage per hit.

Kyra's large damage output carries considerable risk. Suffering any damage removes Brute Force, which is not only her source of high damage, but her source of high Extreme gains as well, as her standard attacks provide very little Extreme. Getting close enough to land a full combo with both Brute Force and Chariot Crash active for 111 damage while not receiving damage back before or mid-combo is very difficult, and even charging around with High Velocity is a risk, as Kyra is not invincible during it.

While "don't get hit" is easier said than done, a stray attack can especially cripple Kyra's Chariot Crash Extreme, decreasing the large damage output available to her (due to Chariot Crash lasting 10 seconds and Brute Force having 4 seconds of cooldown) and even outside of Chariot Crash, simply trying to build Extreme will be made even harder.

Developer's Take:

Alongside Brooks and Alex, Kyra is a character that both has some of Dragooned's highest damage output and is also one of the hardest characters to use. Using Brute Force correctly is a major part of Kyra's success in combat, as she needs it to power up Chariot Crash when active and to build Extreme for it when inactive. As Brute Force wears off whenever Kyra is hit, it is best to activate it only after an enemy is finished attacking or Perfect Block is successfully triggered, then turn it on and attack.

Kyra tends to do better overall against melee attackers, as they have a harder time removing her Brute Force, especially when High Velocity is used to attack. In Onslaught, even though Kyra's high move speed allows for longer range dodges through projectile swarms, it can be difficult finding an opportunity to activate Brute Force between the many attacks from the many monsters.


Though Chariot Crash was not an ability name from past Dragoon games, it is named after Kyra's Chariot Biomachine and like the Chariot Biomachine in Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine, Chariot Crash powers up Brute Force a great deal.