Characters - Rory

Class - Destroyer

Combines powerful melee attacks, Extreme gains and warping

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Rory can move 25% faster than most characters

Without his Extreme, Rory's Cult Blade attacks are his only offensive option. However, they are strong (15 base damage) and come out fast, though their ending lag is a bit high (though landing lag cancelling should help with this). Rory can double the damage output and Extreme gain of his Cult Blades by activating Berserker Rage, though Rory also suffers double damage during this time.

Rory's Path To Hell Extreme is extremely powerful (45 base damage, 90 with Berserker Rage active), covers a large area and comes out instantly (also allowing Rory to immediately start rebuilding Extreme). Rory's Cult Blade attacks at their base grant 8 Extreme per hit, but Berserker Rage doubles Extreme gain while active and Intelligence triples Extreme gain while active, meaning that with both abilities in play, Rory's Cult Blade attacks will grant him 48 Extreme per hit.

Rory's Intelligence ability, once activated, allows Rory to warp to a position relative his nearest opponent by pressing the triangle button again (optionally with with the up button or down button), though this will only work with enemies that are roughly 5 body widths away from Rory at most, so it is a short-range warp. Pressing the triangle button without a direction will warp Rory directly to his opponent, pressing the triangle button and up button together will warp Rory above his opponent, and pressing the triangle button and down button together will warp Rory a short distance behind his opponent (be mindful of pits behind an opponent when using this).

Since Intelligence can help Rory avoid attacks, it would be prudent to only use Berserker Rage when using Intelligence, to help Rory avoid suffering larger damage from his lower defense (and both abilities together provide large amounts of Extreme for Rory).

Developer's Take:

Rory has what is probably the most powerful offense in Dragooned, against both single opponents or groups, at the cost of low defense. Despite receiving high damage, when Berserker Rage and Intelligence are both active, Rory's Extreme gains are massive, especially when his Cult Blade attacks are done in the air to take advantage of landing lag cancelling, and allows him to quickly unleash his Path to Hell Extreme multiple times during the duration of Berserker Rage and Intelligence. His warp capabilities for Intelligence also allow him more methods of approach, such as when enemies use a lot of projectiles or area control.

In Onslaught, Rory is great for tearing through several enemies quickly and takes a similar approach to Tara - high damage and multiple callings of high damage, large area Extremes. Rory is more air focused in his attacks compared to Tara's grounded focus, and though Rory deals more damage overall than Tara in Onslaught, he also takes more damage and has to deal with ability cooldowns for half of his time in play.