Characters - Craig

Class - Tank

High HP combined with the ability to counter opponents who are acting

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Craig's base HP starts at 200, rather than the standard 100

Craig not only starts off with 200 HP for his base HP, but he also the Redirect ability, which removes all projectiles from the screen and has a 4 second cooldown. Redirect can be very effective against enemies with projectiles that have long cooldown, but is less effective against enemies that can have projectiles without cooldown and against hitscan shots (which are instant and will likely have already hit Craig on trigger). Though it is situation-specific, it can be a nightmare against some characters given the short cooldown, and it can be used to help charge at a projectile-heavy character or when under fire from several projectiles at once from monsters in Onslaught or Endless Dungeon.

Craig's Intercession Shotgun fires out 4 shots that deal 2 damage and gain 1 Extreme each, making it have less shots than other shotgun users. However, if the enemy is using an attack or an ability, Intercession Shotgun deals 6 damage per shot, whether or not the attack or ability hits or affects Craig. Combined with Craig's high HP and his Invincible Extreme, Craig ends up an effective counterattacker.

Though Craig's only method of healing is his Invincible Extreme, it is very effective and his high HP makes all the more potent.

Craig's Home Run is a knockback attack. Though Craig needs to be up close to deal damage, this can be useful for launching an enemy from a favoured position or to keep some enemies away while Craig deals with others.

Developer's Take:

Craig is the ultimate anti-pressure character in Dragooned. He has Redirect, which removes all projectiles, Home Run, which shoves melee attackers out of range (and is great if dealing with too many enemies at close range), and his Intercession Shotgun, which deals more damage to enemies using an attack or ability.

In particular, any character that relies on high cooldown/Extreme projectiles (like Knight's Monster Bubble or Pound's Magic Blast) will be at a hefty disadvantage against Craig, since his Redirect has a lower cooldown than the enemy's abilities, forcing them to have to face him up close, where Craig often wins at trading blows, due to his high HP, Intercession Shotgun's counterattack trait and Craig building Extreme towards Invincible.