Characters - Robyn

Class - Meleer

Unleash strong and quick melee attacks that get stronger with each hit

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Robyn can move 50% faster than most characters. Robyn also has a Combo Modifier, which boosts the damage of all of her punches. If Robyn has not landed an attack after 3 seconds, her Combo Modifier will decay 0.01 every second

Robyn requires a lot of offensive momentum to be effective. She has access to no other abilities than her short range punches that, at their base, deal average damage, and her Revenant Shade Extreme, which doubles damage and combo gains, but Robyn's Extreme gains from her punches are extremely low, meaning she will have to rely mainly on punches.

However, Robyn has her Combo Modifier, which increases with each successful Punch, and this Combo Modifier boosts the damage of every Punch. It also has no upper limit, meaning that if it is at 20, Robyn's punches deal 20x damage. If it is at 100, Robyn's punches deal 100x damage. Though Robyn is sorely lacking in versatility, her damage output as the result of successful offensive momentum more than makes up for it.

Note that in Endless Dungeon and some Challenges, where there are teams of 3, swapping out Robyn will not cause her Combo Modifier to decay over time, allowing her to be saved for a point where her high damage output is needed most (and to protect from decay when running around the Endless Dungeon levels).

Robyn has very high movement speed and her attacks come out very fast. Remember to take advantage of Robyn's long-distance covering dodges to get into a better position to attack. Though her Combo Modifier begins decaying after 3 seconds, it is better to let some combo decay than to risk injury trying to prevent it, as a single ducking punch will make up for 15 seconds of combo decay. Robyn needs to keep her offensive momentum high, but take caution that Robyn herself is not risked to prevent small amounts of combo decay.

Developer's Take:

Robyn's punches seem very powerful, especially in Endless Dungeon and Onslaught, where monsters cannot fight back and combo gains are numerous, but her lack of versatility really starts to show when Terrors and Lifeless start appearing, making it so she is at higher risk if she does not prioritize them (or worse, if the player does not know they are there).

Against characters as opposed to monsters, Robyn can still deal good damage, especially with combo gains, but it can be harder to build combos, since other characters can block and dodge, and Robyn's short range, severe lack of abilities and her low Extreme gain can cause her to be at a disadvantage. Robyn is more of a question to the player if strong offensive momentum trumps versatility.