Characters - Sabine

Class - Stunner

Stuns enemies and deals triple damage to stunned targets

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Sabine's playstyle revolves around stunning enemies, through her Static ability or her Absolute Zero Extreme. Static causes an enemy to be stunned if Sabine is hit by an attack or projectile from them and they are not blocking, dodging or in Perfect Block when she is hit. Sabine will also gain 11 Extreme when Static triggers and the enemy is not blocking or dodging, or 22 Extreme on a Perfect Block with Static and the enemy is not blocking or dodging (27 Extreme total, with Perfect Block's 5 gain). Note that pits, knockback collisions and Knight's Power Drive are unaffected by Static.

Sabine's Absolute Zero Extreme calls a blizzard that covers the whole map, lasts for 20 seconds and causes 3 damage and Stun every 2 seconds. While this is useful on its own, Sabine's Hammers have a trait called Blunt Trauma which do 3x damage and gain 3x Extreme if she hits a stunned enemy with them, making it in Sabine's best interest to apply Stun as much as possible to enemies.

Sabine's Static makes it so enemies who attack her regret it, as they not only have to deal with being affected by Stun, but Sabine's Blunt Trauma follow-up. Be wary of projectile users, as though they will be stunned, they will likely be too far away to follow up in time with a Hammer attack.

Sabine has the fastest recharging Heal ability, needing only 1 hit to recharge, though she only heals 5 HP. This can be used very frequently with Static (where Sabine's follow-up attack and heal will help offset received damage) and Absolute Zero, where Sabine does not need to be near the enemy to recharge her Heal as the blizzard deals damage, allowing her to heal every 5 HP every 2 seconds if the blizzard hits an enemy.

Developer's Take:

Though Sabine's focus in on inflicting Stun and capitalizing on it through increased damage and Extreme, her Static has a high cooldown time to rely on a lot, especially if up against multiple foes, meaning Sabine will have to rely on her Hammers and Heal until she can get Absolute Zero to be made available. Since Absolute Zero provides 10 full-screen attacks for damage and Stun, Sabine will not only have opportunities for higher damage output, but her Heal will be recharged each time Absolute Zero hits, allowing her to use it defensively, as well.

If Sabine is in a party with Noah, she can more easily gain access to Absolute Zero, since Noah's Glacier shots inflict Stun, last 4 seconds and can fill a battlefield easily enough, making Sabine more effective in a party with him.


Like Miranda, Sabine's class name differs from her class name in her original game, as "Support" not only would be inaccurate for Dragooned due to it not having all party members on the field at the same time to provide support to, but is also inaccurate with regards to her stun-focused playstyle in Dragooned.