Modes - Skirmish

In Skirmish mode, the player chooses a character to go against 1 to 3 AI-controlled enemies in one of 10 preset battlefields. The general AI strength of these enemies can be set, and health levels for the player and all AI opponents can be set, as well (though the player and all AI enemies will share this health boost).


The 15 arenas in Skirmish mode are divided up so that 3 arenas came from each of the 5 games and music for each level remixed from their original game.

Devil's Playground, Planet's Core and Previous Capitol came from The Demon Rush, and have Battle (The Demon Rush), Disaster and Absolute Siphon for their music remixes respectively.

Skylight Medical, Burning's Beginning and Theus' Castle came from Skylight 1, and have Battle (Skylight), Showdown and Impossible/Last Gasp for their music remixes respectively.

Mount Logan, Axel Heiberg and Severin Subterrane came from Skylight 2: Winters of Discontent, and have Backdraft, Ay Aitch and The Ghost for their music remixes respectively (though The Ghost originally was music from Skylight 1).

City of Ash, Fields of Wheat and Hell's Warren came from Skylight Freerange, and have Point of No Return/Czmrlzbj, Lightbearer and Hell's Warren for their music remixes respectively.

Labrador Iceberg, Arcane Cesspool and Acropolis of the Heavens came from Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine, and have Iragula, Cosmic Horror and To The End Of Everything for their music remixes respectively.