Characters - Arthur

Class - Protector

Takes less damage as HP decreases

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Arthur can move 25% faster than most characters. Arthur also has the Courage trait, which reduces damage received by 1% for each 1% of HP lost

Arthur's Courage ability allows him to receive less damage as his HP decreases, making him very difficult to take out as the battles go on (though Mia's instant-death Pulse Scythe is a direct counter to Courage), especially given that he can heal himself if his HP gets too low.

Arthur's only method of offense is his Rifle, which deals greater damage the further he is from his target, at 3-9 damage. Though this is quite low, his Confidence Crusher ability triples Rifle damage done at point blank range, and if his Lionheart Extreme is active, it deals an additional 3% damage for each missing 1% of HP. When combined and at very low HP, Arthur can do around 25+ damage with a single rifle shot at maximum distance.

Arthur's Heal is the most powerful standard healing ability, healing for 15 HP, but requiring 12 hits to unlock for use again, and Arthur only has his Rifle to aid with this.

Arthur's Confidence Crusher causes his Rifle shots to inflict Knockback on his opponent at point blank range, which combined with his above-average move speed, allows him to more frequently be at a distance that allows his Rifle shots to do ideal damage.

Developer's Take:

Arthur is the weakest character offensively in Dragooned, requiring his Extreme to be active, his HP to be low and needs to be at maximum distance (or with Confidence Crusher active, at point-blank range) before he can start dealing decent damage. However, his defensive prowess is practically unmatched, and is able to shrug off big attacks at any HP level due to Courage. His Heal allows him to keep alive at low HP while maintaining his high defense.

Arthur's focus on distance fighting, his ability for knockback at point-blank range and his above average move speed help keep him alive. Though power attacks are less of a problem for Arthur than other characters, keep an eye out in particular for multi-hit/shotgun/rapid-fire attacks and Mia for her Pulse Scythe, as Arthur's Courage does not help him so much against these.