Characters - Dominic

Class - Loosecannon

Deals more damage as HP decreases

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Dominic can move 25% faster than most characters. Dominic also has the Adrenaline trait, which boosts his damage output by 1% and Extreme gain by 1% for each 1% of HP lost

Dominic's attacks at their base pack a lot of power (15 per Punch, 8 per Rocket explosion), but these can be boosted by both Adrenaline (up to almost double damage/Extreme gain) and his Angel of Death Extreme doubles damage further, meaning Dominic can reach nearly 60 damage per Punch and 30 damage per Rocket explosion. Dominic's Risk ability sets his HP to 25% of its maximum value, allowing his attacks to deal an additional 75% damage due to Adrenaline and can be very effective when combined with Angel of Death. Note that Risk will also move Dominic's HP up to 25% if his current HP is lower than that.

While Dominic's Rockets pack good power and area, Dominic may have more damage output with landing lag cancelled punches up close. However, when Angel of Death is active, Dominic can unleash a large amount of very powerful rockets in a short timespan and is likely to be his main method of attack while Angel of Death is active.

Though Dominic has an above-average move speed, his attacks by default are not particularly fast, save for landing lag cancelled punches. However, when Angel of Death is active, Dominic's punches and rockets come out extremely fast, allowing him to be a menace up close and at a distance.

Developer's Take:

Though it may be tempting to trigger Risk from the outset and fire away with rockets from Dominic, it would be best to prioritize using his Punches up close to build up Extreme (with Rockets for support damage), as Angel of Death provides more of a damage boost than Adrenaline does and his high attack speed from Angel of Death makes both his Punches and Rocket Launcher offensive monsters. If Dominic's HP drops below 25, he can also use Risk to "heal" himself a bit.