Characters - Sean

Class - Chaotician

Has boosted evasion and powerful wide-area abilities

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Sean has the Chaos Gamble trait, where his dodges grant him 30 frames of invincibility when the dodge completes, similar to Perfect Block's invincibility

Sean's Fire Fueled Rifle is his main method of attack, dealing 5-15 damage with the greater damage being applied the farther away Sean is from the shot's destination. Sean's Armageddon ability deals 50 damage to an area around himself, while firing out 4 bolts that do 10 damage and 4 snowflakes that deal 5 damage. One very important thing to note is that the fire blast from Sean's Armageddon hurts Sean, as well. Fortunately, Sean has Chaos Gamble, which grants his dodges 30 frames of invincibility when the dodge ends, so calling Armageddon immediately on dodge completion should protect him (as the Armageddon fire blast lasts 20 frames).

Sean's Maximus Extreme triples his damage output, causing his Fire Fueled Rifle to deal 15-45 damage based on position, while Armageddon deals 150 for the fire blast, 30 for each bolt and 15 for each snowflake. If Sean is caught in his own Maximus-powered Armageddon fire blast, he likely will not survive if his enhanced dodge is not correctly timed. Note that Pandemonium can randomly boost the length of his end-dodge invincibilty by up to another 30 frames.

When Armageddon needs to be recharged after use, Sean's only method of attack is his Fire Fueled Rifle. This attack has nearly 3 times the area of effect of a standard hitscan shot, and if Pandemonium is active, the area of effect can be boosted randomly up to nearly 10 times the size of a standard hitscan shot's area, making it easier to recharge Armageddon.

Pandemonium not only randomly boosts the size of Fire Fueled Rifle and the length of Chaos Gamble after dodges, but it will also randomly reposition Armageddon and the trajectories of the bolts and snowflakes.

Developer's Take:

Sean is a character who excels at Onslaught, where he can not only hit more enemies with Armageddon, but can also let Armageddon's multiple hits recharge Armageddon faster. His Fire Fueled Rifle, especially with Pandemonium active to increase the area of effect, deals more damage at distant projectile monsters and more enemies hit per shot make for even faster Armageddon recharge. His enhanced dodges from Chaos Gamble allow him to easily reposition himself, regardless of the projectile swarms thrown at him.

While Sean is not bad against other characters, he can struggle a bit if his Armageddon is not properly used against his foes. Since Sean needs to use his enhanced dodge to avoid hurting himself with Armageddon, he will need to dodge straight at an enemy and trigger it, which can be difficult, since enemies often aim to be adjacent to their target, which means dodging away, meaning the enemy will likely have time to block Sean's Armageddon if he is too far. Since his Armageddon requires a lot of hits to recharge and his Maximus Extreme charges slowly, Sean will often be stuck with just his standard attacks to fight with, and his average move speed means he will have a hard time staying at maximum range for optimal damage/Extreme.