Characters - Alex

Class - Frontliner

Boosts the damage of his very slow but very powerful attacks when following up after successful blocks

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Alex's attacks at their base include rapid-fire dual chainsaws which deal 2 damage/1 Extreme each hit (at 15 hits a second), while his Terrapunch deals out 30 damage with a gain of 8 Extreme.

If Alex successfully blocks an attack, until his next attack or rapid-fire finishes, his dual chainsaws will do 6 damage/2 Extreme per hit, his Terrapunch deals 60 damage/16 Extreme. A successful Perfect Block is even better for this, with dual chainsaws dealing 10 damage/3 Extreme per hit, Terrapunch dealing 90 damage/30 Extreme. However, both of Alex's offensive abilities (Dual Chainsaws and Terrapunch) are very slow, both to trigger and for ending lag.

Alex's For The Fallen ability also reduces all damage received by 50% at its base. A successful standard block will cause it to be reduced by 75% until his next attack finishes and a Perfect Block will reduce damage by 87.5% until his next attack finishes, granting Alex very high damage resistance.

Alex's reliance on Perfect Blocks to bolster his attack and defense make him a difficult character to play, and having very slow attacks does not help him much, either. His Ocean of the Mind Extreme keeps him in Perfect Defend mode (not to be confused with Perfect Block's mode of 1 second of invincibility. Rather, it is the mode that causes Alex's Chainsaws to deal 10 damage/hit, Terrapunch to deal 90 damage and For The Fallen to reduce 87.5% damage), but in order to get enough Extreme to use Ocean of the Mind, Alex will need to land a number of attacks and Perfect Blocks in the first place.

The ending lag of his attacks can be reduced with landing lag cancelling, and Alex may need to launch his attacks while jumping and he will likely need to be shifted left and right in the air in order to aim for an accurate strike, since he cannot shift position while attacking on the ground.

Though this paints a less than stellar picture of Alex, it should be noted that when used at his best, he deals 150 damage/second and takes very little damage when doing so, making Alex one of the best melee combatants.

Developer's Take:

Alex is one of the most powerful and hardest-to-use characters in Dragooned. His reliance on Perfect Blocking and his very slow attack speed makes it very hard to land attacks, but when they do land in Perfect Defend mode, the damage output is incredible, making Alex a high-effort/high-risk/high-reward character.

Enemy characters will try to dodge his Dual Chainsaws, but Onslaught will likely be easier for Alex overall, as monsters do not block or dodge, many of them charge straight for him and his Extreme builds up easier for a For The Fallen/Ocean of the Mind combo, allowing him to wade into enemy ranks, dealing massive damage and taking little in return.