Characters - Ashley

Class - Engineer

Creates stationary bases to attack the opponent and home own attacks in on enemy

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Ashley's skillset relies very heavily on summoning Bases. In order for his Bases to trigger their abilities, Ashley must be positioned adjacent to them. When a Base's ability is triggered, it takes 2 seconds before it is ready to be triggered again (with the exception of Behemoth shot homing).

His Gun Base fires out shots that inflict 20 damage and gain Ashley 8 Extreme, while his Radar Base alters the hitscan angle of his Behemoth to the nearest enemy in the direction Ashley is facing. Ashley's Omni Base Extreme is a combination of his Gun and Radar Base, though it inflicts 30 damage per shot, heals Ashley for 4 HP and causes Ashley's Behemoth homing shots to deal 3 damage per hit instead of 2.

Ashley's Bases also have immunities that no other entity has aside from Erica's Golems and Polydegmon's Czmrlzbj: protection from Blind, Knockback and Knight's Monster Bubble and Metastrike. Despite the Radar Base's low height in appearance, its hitbox is as large as Ashley's and his Gun Base's, allowing Ashley to also be able to take cover behind it if needs be. All of Ashley's Bases have 25 HP.

Ashley's only method of attack is his Behemoth, a powerful rapid-fire cannon that deals 2 damage per shot, at a rate of 15 shots a second. Despite its massive damage output, Ashley cannot duck or angle the Behemoth in any way, meaning he cannot even hit ducking opponents unless he has the assistance of his Radar Base or Omni Base. His Behemoth also has an ending lag of that last one second, meaning to get the most out of it, use of landing lag cancelling will be required.

Due to the high damage output, hitscan trait and homing capabilities of his Behemoth, Ashley can make any opponent who jumps at him regret it, as most characters are incapable of defending themselves from attacks in the air.

Developer's Take:

Ashley is a character who excels at fortifying a position and raining several accurate hitscan shots on opponents very quickly. In early Onslaught, his effectiveness at this can be seen, as he can pick a corner and fire away before the monsters can get close enough or react quickly enough to fight him, at least until the Indestructibles and Windmills show up to inflict Knockback, the Terrors to inflict Stun and the Miners to one-shot his Bases while dealing with Ashley's shots with their high HP.

Without his Bases, Ashley's awkwardness in combat is made very clear. His Behemoth, for all its strength, cannot hit ducking opponents (except for Impossible, who has a gigantic hitbox), has one full second of ending lag (to get around this, landing lag cancelling is best when using the Behemoth, but hard to use effectively, especially since the Behemoth cannot hit low normally against grounded opponents) and due to the Behemoth's high attack speed, can be Perfect Blocked at any time. Since the Behemoth is Ashley's only means of offense without Bases, take care when using it without access to Bases.