Characters - Bethany

Class - Specialist

Uses a large variety of projectiles and juggles weapons to produce special effects

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All of Bethany's attacks are projectiles: Her Rifle (and the Fire Shot that comes with juggling from Pistol), her Pistol, her Acid Bomb and her Pyromancy Extreme. Note that Bethany's Pyromancy attacks have their hitscan come out at a height as if she were ducking, so if flying monsters such as Ghosts, Bad Pupils and Windmills are not being hit, jumping downward angled Pyromancy attacks may have better success.

While Bethany deals good damage with most of her attacks, in particular, her juggled Rifle from Pistol deals 30 damage at maximum range and adds a Fire Shot that deals 20 damage, her Acid Bomb deals 15 damage to a large area, and each use of Pyromancy deals 50 damage and covers a solid area. Pyromancy lasts until Bethany's Extreme reaches 0%.

Bethany relies on juggling between her Rifle and her Pistol. To juggle, while Bethany has one weapon out, attack with the other and it will provide an additional special effect: a 20 damage Fire Shot projectile for juggling from Pistol to Rifle and 20 frames of invincibility while juggling from Rifle to Pistol, and any successful attack from a juggle will gain Bethany double Extreme.

Bethany's Rifle also deals more damage and gains more Extreme at a greater distance, though this can be tricky to do as Bethany has only average speed.

Developer's Take:

The consummate Projectile character in Dragooned, Bethany has access to a total of 5 projectiles and she deals high damage and has hitscan with most of them. Juggle between the Rifle and Pistol constantly, and try to keep as far away from enemies as possible to deal maximum damage. If the enemy gets close, use Acid Bomb to deal more damage and gain more Extreme. Aerial downward angled Pyromancy attacks cover a solid vertical area near Bethany and monsters will run through it an attempt to get to Bethany.