Characters - Gregory

Class - Wildcard

Has strong versatility with melee combat and projectiles

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Gregory can move 25% faster than most characters

Gregory's Thor Animus launches a fireball while simultaneously healing himself for 2 HP. Like most other abilities that involve healing, Gregory will need to inflict a certain number of hits on an opponent before Thor Animus can be used again. Fortunately, Gregory's Assault Rifle is rapid-fire, allowing him to quickly make Thor Animus available again. His Modern Knight Extreme doubles all of his damage output, making his projectile attacks more potent, and his above-average move speed allows him to keep his foes at a distance.

Keep in mind that the Assault Rifle cannot be angled and you cannot duck while using it.

Gregory's Modern Knight Extreme cuts all damage received in half, and Thor Animus' small healing boosts help add to his longevity when combined with Modern Knight.

With many successful Assault Rifle hits, Gregory can easily make Thor Animus continuously available to restore his HP.

Developer's Take:

Gregory is a jack-of-all-trades that makes use of melee attacks, defense boosts, healing and long range attacks. His Thor Animus should be triggered as often as it is available, as it deals good damage and its small amount of healing can add up over time when done often. Gregory can use his Assault Rifle to quickly recharge Thor Animus from any distance, but against better distance fighters or Onslaught projectile swarms, Gregory may find himself outmatched as far as damage and healing goes.

When Gregory has access to Modern Knight, it would be better to prioritize Hammer melee attacks over his Assault Rifle, as Modern Knight boosts both attack and defense and his Hammers overall do better damage, so wading into the fray with Hammer attacks and Thor Animus (always a priority ability) is an effective strategy when Modern Knight becomes available. No matter where Gregory needs to be in the battle, make sure Thor Animus is prioritized to keep his health up as much as possible, as the 2 HP heals only make a difference when they occur frequently.