Characters - Simon

Class - Medic

Has strong healing abilities and is strong at mid-range combat

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Simon can move 25% faster than most characters

Simon has access to two healing abilities: Heal, which heals 10 HP on use, and his Auto Regen Extreme, which does not empty his Extreme, but instead reduces it by 1% every second to heal Simon for 1 HP until his Extreme hits 0% (Simon can continue to raise Extreme by attacking to keep it functioning longer). To re-use Heal, Simon will need to successfully attack an opponent 5 times.

Simon's Precision Pistol at its base simply deals 5 damage and gains 4 Extreme. When Simon is 8-12 body widths away from his opponent and connects with Precision Pistol, it deals 10 damage, gains 14 Extreme and takes a total of 3 hits off of Heal. Reaching the required range is easy enough most of the time, but characters that can match or beat Simon's higher than average move speed will be harder for Simon to face.

Simon's SP Bomb is an attack that consumes all current Extreme for a projectile, turning 2 Extreme into 1 extra point of damage, dealing 1-51 damage to an area (this can be used without cooldown even at 0%, though the damage output will be negligible). In this way, Simon has 2 Extremes, though making use of them requires high Extreme gains, which Simon gains fastest by using his Precision Pistol at the correct mid-range distance.

Developer's Take:

Simon is weak offensively, but has a steady access to healing, especially if he successfully attacks at mid-range frequently, where he will get quicker access to Heal and Auto Regen. His SP Bomb functions like a second Extreme, and will likely be needed to actually win battles, but make sure Simon's health is high, that his SP Bomb will do enough damage to eliminate the threat(s) you are trying to remove and that Craig's Redirect won't destroy your SP Bomb before it hits anything.